Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sausages and Social Media

It’s the time of year after the holidays when we settle down for a long winter nap. Maybe for the average bear, but not for us Italians. While animals hibernate, Italians make sausages, sopressata, prosciutto and capicolla. It takes a few days during the month of January or February to prepare homemade sausage and salume. It takes about a month to dry cure and almost a year to consume.

As I document my parents homemade traditions, I decided to start a facebook page called Calabrese Nel Mondo so that Calabrese around the world can share their traditions and love of their homeland. I post photos from time to time and am happy to get a large response. Most comments are very endearing and it’s personally a sense of pride for me enable others to share.

One particular commentator passionately expressed his dismay that the process my family uses is not “authentic”. In fact the real method is to hand cut the meat finely instead of using a meat grinder. I loved reading all the comments including the remotely negative ones which I found to be inspiring instead of critical. It goes to show how passionate Italians are about keeping tradition alive.

I agree with the poster that the original method is the most authentic. I also know that in today’s world people are more apt to make life a little easier in every way. So if it means using a meat grinder makes us less authentic, well… I’ll accept if you find me blogging about hot dogs!