Food that Heals in More Ways Than One




We have all heard that eating good food is great for your body and have various healing qualities. But I wondered today if that theory goes even further. Italian families typically bond over food and good old fashion Italian traditions. In my last blog I wrote about my father and uncle preparing the green olives. The next step was to soak the olives and rinse every day. Today my father was rinsing. My mother has always been in the forefront of the activities. However, as she has experienced some back issues her physical activities have been limited. She has gone through a lot these last few months and is slowly making her way back to herself. What I noticed is that today when she walked in the back yard, she came alive. Slightly. She ordered my father around on what he had to do and for at least ten minutes life felt like it was almost back to normal. You would wonder if a bitter olive can do all this. I believe that it can.

Which brings me to my original question. Is food healing in more ways than one? The answer. Yes. These traditions are about eating well but more for family and friends to spend time together and enjoy life. My mother has always been active and its important for her to get back to doing the things she loves. You won’t find her shopping at Barneys, drinking a cosmo, or flying to Vegas. Instead you will find her pressing olives, planting tomato seedlings from her last crop, jarring tomatoes and making sopressata.

This time next year she will back in the think of it with her good friend who incidentally has encountered health issues that has temporarily slowed them both down at the same time. Next year they will both be back! As any fellow Calabrese knows, we are made strong and tough!


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