Monthly Archives: September 2013

Two Brothers

Summer is officially over. The garden is producing far less vegetables but nonetheless some fresh tomatoes are still ripening. In fact my father has been preparing the seeds from the monstrous tomatoes for next year’s harvest.



But I digress. This posting is about two brothers; my father and my uncle. My father Vincenzo and his brother Domenic came from Italy together over 50 years ago. They married two sisters and owned a business together. Over the years they have experienced life like everyone else. The good, the bad and everything in between. What always stuck in my mind is how family sticks together and the theme of course revolves around food. However, it is not just eating meals together its about keeping their tradition.

This past week my father and uncle pounded and pitted bushels of green olives to prepare for the preservation in jars to be enjoyed throughout the year. Men of little words they were like two well oiled machines, cranking out pit after pit.

It got me thinking of how far people go to get the best and quality products and my Uncle is notorious for his great discoveries but it always include the participation of someone else.

It reminded me of the time he traveled from Arizona to Boston on a buddy pass. His bags made the flight. He didn’t. He called my cousin and said I am not on the flight but my bags are. He never told him what was in the luggage. He found out the hard way. He could barely lift the luggage which were neatly tied with rope (ya you real Italians know what I am talking about). He called his father and said what did you pack, rocks?? The luggage was filled with luscious green olives picked and delivered straight from the West Coast. After this experience, he offered to pay for shipment next time.

Yes, it is how far people will go for passion. Life’s circumstances can go either way; parting, distance, or simply choosing to live in your own isolated world. These two brothers chose family and their passion for good food is not just food it’s about sharing and keeping family close.  I’d bet they wouldn’t realize the true meaning lying underneath all the work, but we do. Like my friend said years ago, cherish every olive because there was a lot of love put into each and every one.