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Viva San Giuseppe!

We just wrapped up St. Patrick’s Day, though it is argued that St. Patrick was Italian. It doesn’t matter to me, my Italian mother made a fabulous Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner and I enjoyed it very much!

However, the holiday that is literally days away from St. Patrick’s Day is St. Joseph or San Giuseppe. St. Joseph is all about zeppole!

The typical filling between the airy puffed pastry is a custard yellow cream and amarena cherries, a favorite of mine.



I typically blog about my parents food traditions and recipes. You may notice that I don’t often blog about sweets – well that job belongs to my mother in law Norma; another fantastic cook but an even more fabulous baker.  

So this year she got rolling and whipped up at least 80 homemade zeppole from scratch. She used cherries brandied in a liqueur from Avellino made by her sister in law. The yellow filling also contained a liqueur also homemade by her family in Italy. I posted these photos on facebook and was completely overwhelmed by the comments and likes. 

We sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are to eat homemade pastry. By the response of my friends and colleagues I appreciate it more and cherish every morsel as much as the love put into those treats.  

So as they say on St. Joseph’s – Viva San Giuseppe! Viva!

I think after a taste of Norma’s zeppole people will be shouting “Viva Norma”!