Italian Rum Cake Sequel

I limit my posts to weekly but I had to share this post as it relates to a past post Italian Rum Cake.

My birthday was on May 22. My husband on May 17. My little cousin Grace on May 24 and my Uncle Domenico (Zio Mico) on May 29th. We decided to have one cake for all of us. In my last post I blogged about Italian Rum Cake and the history behind it in family. So I decided to go with the Rum Cake which pleases my parents generation and my cousin Chickie!

The cake was excellent. I ordered it so I made sure it had the almond coating and the filling stuffed with strawberries and peaches. For Gracie her choice of cake is not a cake, but a watermelon as you see in the photos. It’s been her request ever since she was 2 years old!

Our youngest cousins ranging from 4-8 were not that thrilled with Italian Rum Cake. When I asked my 4 year old cousin how he liked Italian cake, he answered “I like English cake”. I guess some things never change….

Tanti Auguri a noi!


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