Let’s Talk about Head Cheese

Head Cheese is a cold cut. You’d think that it was a type of cheese from the name. It’s not. It is a jellied type cold cut made with parts of cow or pig’s head. (Other parts could be included like tongue, feet and heart.)

I vaguely remember Head Cheese growing up and I recall that my brother liked it along with my parents. So, these past weeks I’ve been doing some work in Brookline, Massachusetts, a heavily Russian and Jewish populated community. I ventured into a Russion grocery store to check it out. So when I saw the deli counter with three different types of Head Cheese, I was surprised. I told my mother about the shop and the Head Cheese and she said, I want to go!

We took the ride to Brookline and she bought a pound. Sharing it with my brother, my father and my Uncle… I think I started a Head Cheese trend.

I started getting the calls for Head Cheese for the next time I am in Brookline. In fact my Uncle who is the “Sangwich Saturday” creator put his request in.

What’s funny is that at one point my mother and I got separated in Brookline and we couldn’t find each other. I panicked thinking what could have happened to her and what would I say to my family? “I lost Ma in Brookline while shopping for Head Cheese.”?

Luckily I found my mother. My Uncle has his pound of Head Cheese ready to go and we move towards another “Sangwich Saturday” and everyone is happy.

I can’t say it looks too appealing to me, but I’ll give it a try. Who knows, I could discover another Italian delicacy.


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One thought on “Let’s Talk about Head Cheese

  1. N- Big May 17, 2012 at 5:07 pm Reply

    U-Pic and I give it a LIKE!!!

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