Cured Meat

My friend Felix Cutillo sent me an interesting link to a Huffington Post article about Cured Meats.

Photo by Felix Cutillo

The article explains how cured meat is becoming more fashionable to Americans. Got me thinking of my parents and their friends spending winter days curing there own meat and sausage.

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Photos by Lisa Capogreco

The article stated “This process will take at least several months, and can even take a couple of years. And while many European cured meats are still made the old-fashioned way, some of them have changed with the times (which is not always a good thing). This means that nitrates, nitrites and sodium, which are pumped and loaded in most American deli meats, can unfortunately often be found in many of these cured meats.”

The amount of time and work it takes to make the perfect sopressata, prosciutto and capicolla can be quite long. My family uses the recipes passed on, with nary a perservative to be found.

I know I’m lucky to enjoy a slice of homemade sopressata or prosciutto because unlike the products you will find in supermarkets, these meats are not filled with perservatives just a lot of love!


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    LIKE !!!

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