What I would bring to Pasquetta

After any holiday there is always the feeling of “let down”. The hype and excitement is over. For the people who do the actual cooking it might be a relief but in some ways a let down. That’s why I appreciate the way Italians enjoy life, beginning with the holidays.

Easter or Pasqua is celebrated on Sunday with a home cooked meal. The following day “Pasquetta” is celebrated where the majority of people flock to the countryside for picnics and barbeques. There is still some preparation involved but the food is usually simple; grilled meats, sopressata, breads, cheeses, olives and a lots of good wine.

If I were to celebrate “Pasquetta” on Monday, this is what I would bring with me.

Photos taken by © Felix Cutillo

So, the “letdown” after a holiday doesn’t exist in Italy.


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