Peasant food or not?

When I wrote about tomato jarring I never mentioned the food that was served for lunch. Food that you would find at an Italian picnic could be actually mistaken for gourmet at a fancy Italian restaurant was the special of the day.
I blogged about zucchini flowers earlier. In fact yesterday the meal consisted of those summer delicacies and artichoke frittata panini with a side dish of fried hot peppers. If you don’t know what frittata is, it is the Italian version of an omelet.
It reminded me of how food has evolved and how tastes have changed. To my parents and their friends this type of food is worth just as much as a dinner at the fanciest place in Boston but they would never pay that price. They do it themselves and do not fancy it up. Adventerous, my mother can be and good at it, but she is at her best when she cooks what she knows and loves. Food at its simplest form with the basic of seasoning, if any; you can’t get better than that. Observing the scene of the “workers” taking their lunch break, my Uncle joked, “You ready to join our union”. I seriously am.


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